Sisters Thru Survival

We believe that with the support of family, friends and community, all women and families can thrive

We believe that through education, encouragement and, empowerment, all women can achieve their goals.
We believe that women deserve full access to the resources and information they need to live, not just survive.     

We believe that all women and their children  deserve to live happy, healthy,safe, productive lives. 

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Sisters Thru Survival is a program of The Jacksonville Cultural Arts and Education Foundation, a Florida nonprofit, nonpartisan organization.

First Book is a non-profit social enterprise committed to elevating educational opportunities for children in need. We believe that educators should have access to all the resources they need to help these children succeed, including books, school supplies and other essentials. When you buy from the First Book Marketplace, your purchase helps others who are also making a difference in the lives of children.LEARN MORE

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The Sisters Mission

Sisters Thru Survival not only believe that women should live happy, healthy, productive lives, we feel that way about our children as well.  Statictics show that 40% of children that are not reading and comprehending by the fourth grade stand a 50-50 chance of dropping out of school.

Learning begins at home, we know that. But in many homes the only books are the books the kids bring home from school. We we want to change that, and with your help and First Books, we can. 

Sisters Thru Survival is on a mission. We have chosen one school to focus our efforts, if we are successful, other schools will be added. We can order new book through First Books. The books are free but we have to pay for shipping, and that's where you come in with your donations.  Each month working with teachers from the chosen school, we will order a set of books that will be given to the children to take home. it is our hope that this will encourage the students to read at home, and encourage the parents to read to their children. The books are theirs to keep  and build a library of their own. 

Regular updates on the progress of the students updates will be posted on our Facebook page and this website.

We all know the importance of reading, and this is a way for all of us to contribute to the learning growth of the children in our community.