We believe that with the support of family, friends and community, all women and families can thrive

We believe that through education, encouragement and, empowerment, all women can achieve their goals.
We believe that women deserve full access to the resources and information they need to live, not just survive.     

We believe that all women and their children  deserve to live happy, healthy,safe, productive lives. 

​​​Education-The Parent Academy

The Parent Academy of Duval County Public Schools is a FREE family resource that promotes parental involvement, enhances student achievement and supports a caregiver's need for personal and individual growth. Parent Academy courses are offered in schools, libraries, community centers and faith-based institutions throughout the community.
The Parent Academy focuses on three fundamental categories: 
  Student Achievement
  Parenting & Advocacy
  Personal & Individual Growth


Community Awareness

Sisters Thru Survival

 Culture, Education and Community Awareness



In 2009, when we began planning for the first Jacksonville African American Cultural Arts Festival, our mission was to continue a tradition that started some 20 years earlier and to bring cultural pride back into the Black community through education, art, and music.

 Much has changed since 2009, the world is a different place.

So we decided it was time to restate our purpose while staying with the mission, to address those some of those changes. Cultural Awareness is about so much more than race, or where we come from. Our health, our relationships, work and more, all play a larger part in our becoming Culturally Aware than we realized.  Will we ever sponsor another Festival? We would love to, money and time make it a challenge

.....but we would never say never.

 Arts & Culture

Jacksonville's arts and entertainment scene combines the best of world-class events with the local cultural community. This vibrancy can be found throughout the city. Jacksonville's unique entertainment and cultural options create a real sense of character.  Jacksonville has its own professional symphony, a variety of museums, ballet and opera companies, dozens of theatres prepared to amaze with old favorites or ground-breaking new drama, dance companies, vocal ensembles and orchestras producing events year-round.